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There is no shortage of picnic spots in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge with wonderful scenery. Whether you’re planning a date, a family outing, or hang-out with friends, we can help you find a picnic area in Boston. To find picnic areas, you can start by using the map of picnic spots below, or by choosing a neighborhood. If you’re having trouble finding a spot to picnic, we have some recommendations of best picnic areas in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville.

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Best Parks for Picnics

Here are our choices for the best picnic areas in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge (updated for 2021):

Popular Parks With Picnic Areas

Popular destinations in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline with picnic tables.

Hidden Parks for Picnics

Lesser-known parks in the Greater Boston area with picnic tables.

View the entire list of parks for picnics in the Boston area – and find the best park as you plan your next picnic!

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