Find Sledding Hills in Boston

Sledding is a great winter-time activity for kids of all ages. There are many great parks with hills that are suitable for sledding. These hills vary in intensity with different lengths and slopes. Find places to go sledding in Boston – there are many great hills for toddlers, and kids of all ages to have some winter fun! 

Best Sledding Hills in Boston

Here are the best places to go sledding in Boston, including Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville (updated for 2022):

Sledding for Tots

Here are a few sledding hills in Boston that are safe for tots and young children.

Boston Common sledding

Boston Common is centrally-located downtown, and in addition to sledding, also has an ice rink and hot chocolate stands.

Titus Sparrow park is located very close to Back Bay and downtown Boston. It has a small hill that’s idea for tots.

Cambridge Common’s Alexander Kemp Playground is located in Harvard Square and has a small hill that’s ideal for children.

Amory Playground is located in Brookline off of Beacon Street, with a small, gradual hill.

Sledding for Older Kids

Here are some sledding hills in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge that are great for older kids, and even adults!

Jamaica Pond’s “Sugarbowl” is a popular sledding and tubing spots in Boston. The double-sided hill resembles the shape of a bowl.

Larz Anderson has a vert long, fairly steep hill that is suited for old kids. It’s also great for kids to snowboard and even ski!

Corey Hill is located in North Brookline, and has a steep hill for older kids – the end of the hill requires sudden footbreaking.

In Arnold Arboretum, Peter’s Hill is a steep hill for sledding, with amazing wooded scenery, and views of Boston’s skyline.

danehy park cambridge massachusetts

Danehy Park is a popular place for sledding north of Boston, located in North Cambridge, with short, but pretty steep hills.

Located in Boston’s Roslindale neighborhood, Fallon Field has a steep hill that kids can sled on, that flattens out into the baseball field.

Fresh Pond is located in North Cambridge, and has a decent-sized hill that is a good area for sledding.

Rogers Park in Brighton has a gradual hill that makes for great sledding.

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