Find Skateparks in Boston

The Boston area has a number of great skateparks for skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMX bikers and others to use. From quarterpipes to bowls, to rails and more, these Boston parks have awesome features that skaters will love using. Explore skateparks in areas of Boston, Cambridge and Brookline, get shredding.

Best Skateparks in Boston

Here are the best skateparks for skateboarders, rollerbladers and bikers in the Boston area (updated for 2021):

A recently-updated skatepark in Lower Allston with a pump track, rail, hips, ledges, banks.

A recently remodeled skatepark with a mix of hips, banks, rails, ledges, coping, flat, and a big bowl.

A run-down skatepark in Jamaica Plain with some small ramps and quarter pipes.

An extensive skatepark in North Cambridge and Charlestown with street set up gaps, ledges, stair sets hand rails, flatground rail boxes.

A small park in located in Somerville and close to Cambridge has many ledges, benches and walls for street-skating.

A small park in Roxbury’s Dudley Square neighborhood with a few rail boxes and ledges.

Eastie Skatepark

A small concrete skatepark in Eastie, with a few ledges and banks, a quarterpipe, and a square rail.