Find Parks for Grilling in Boston

In the city of Boston, there are a very limited amount of places where it is okay to barbecue. However, there are a few parks where it’s okay to BBQ under city rules. In addition, there are a few parks that offer public BBQ grills outside of Boston, in Brookline and Cambridge. If you’re looking for a park to host a barbecue, here are the best parks that allow grilling.

Best Places to Grill in Boston

Here are the best places to Grill in the Boston area, including Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville. Please note – for some parks, you may need to reserve public BBQ grills.

Public BBQ Grills to Reserve

These parks have public BBQ grills available to use, but they must reserved online ahead of time.


Located in South Brookline, Larz Anderson Park has a picnic area with public grills. Currently, it’s $45 for Brookline residents, and $90 for non-residents.

Danehy Park BBQ Grills

Danehy Park is a large park in Cambridge that has a picnic area with public grills available for use. The permit fee is $35, and proof of Cambridge residency is required for use. 

Bring Your Own Grill to BBQ

These parks in Boston allow grilling, but you must bring your own grill and supplies.

herter park owls nest

Herter Park is located in Allston, with great views of the Charles River. The park allows gas grills.


Castle Island has several picnic areas where you can bring your own grill to use.

Franklin Park is located in Dorchester and Roxbury, allows both charcoal and gas grills.

Parks With BBQ Grills

With these parks, the grills at the park are used as first come, first serve.

Related Amenities

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