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Are you looking for public tennis courts available in Boston? To start your search, find a tennis court in your neighborhood, or explore public tennis courts located in other areas of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline. If you’re having trouble finding, we have some suggestions on parks with the best tennis courts to play on in the Boston area. Explore all public tennis courts in Boston using one of the buttons below.

Our Choices for Best Tennis Courts

Amory Park has six clay tennis courts with a small tennis center in Brookline easily accessible from the Green Line C Branch. It’s one of the only tennis courts with clay. They are open to the public, but there is a fee to reserve

Carter Playground has 5 tennis courts with lights for night matches in Boston’s South End neighborhood near Northeastern University. These courts are newer, and even include a practice wall. They are a good option if you live or work near back bay.

Longwood Playground has a total of 3 tennis courts in a tucked-away park in Brookline, and is a short walk or drive from Brookline Village and Fenway.

Waldstein Playground has a whopping tennis courts in a Brookline, with a tennis center and restrooms included. Season pass cards are available for residents and non residents in addition to daily court fees.

Rindge Field has 4 tennis courts in North Cambridge and a few handball courts that can double as a practice wall. It’s a great spot that has street parking available.

Cassidy Playground in Boston has 2 recently renovated tennis courts. The park is located in Brighton near Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and is close to Cleveland Circle, which is a short walk from the B, C, and D lines. 

Ringer Park has 2 tennis courts nestled in a Boston’s Allston neighborhood, located close to the Green Line B Branch. These courts are frequently used, particularly by college students of Boston University and Boston College that live in the Brighton area so get there early if you can!

Peters Park has 1 tennis court (with lights) in a popular park in the South End neighborhood. This court is characterized by the mural which doubles as a practice wall! 

This park features 2 tennis courts in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood tucked away in a wooded area. To get this court, it’s about a .25 mile walk into the woods of the park. Not many know that tennis courts exist here!

Moakley Park has 3 tennis courts in South Boston near the water and Carson Beach. Moakley is a pretty popular park, and the tennis courts here are no exception.

Prince Street Park has 2 tennis courts right by the water in Boston’s North End neighborhood. Nothing beats tennis with a waterfront view! Maybe you can grab a slice of pizza or some Italian food after your tennis game.

Warren Field is located close to Boston in Brookline, and has 3 tennis courts to choose from. In addition to tennis, these courts are often used for pickleball games. 

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