Find Outdoor Games in Boston

There are some great parks to play lawn games in Boston – whether you’re looking for a park with a bocce court, cornhole set, or ping pong table, or you’re looking for a park that has a lot of space for Kan Jam, Spikeball or another game. At Urbnparks, we can help you find parks in Boston to play lawn games, and have some fun with friends outdoors.

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Looking for a park for a certain outdoor game? We’ve got you covered. Here are some common games played outdoors in parks, and where to find those parks in Boston:

Parks With Lawn Games

Here are our choices for the best parks for lawn games in the Boston area:

Best Parks for Lawn Games

Here are our recommendations for best parks with lawn games in Boston.

Open Spaces for Lawn Games

Bring your own lawn games! Whether it’s a bocce set, croquet set, KanJam, or whiffle ball, you’ll need a few parks with open space. Here are our suggestions:

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