Outdoor Winter Activities in Boston

If you’re looking places to visit in Boston during the winter, there are many parks and outdoor spaces that have great winter activities and sports. To find things to do outside in Boston during the winter season, you can sort by a winter activity, or find the best places to visit in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline. If you’re having trouble finding something to do, be sure to read our recommended on parks with the best winter activities for kids, adults and everyone!

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Places for Outdoor Winter Activities in Boston

Here are our choices for the best places to visit for outdoor winter activities in the Boston area (updated for 2022):

Sledding, ice skating, hot chocolate, holiday lights – what more could you ask for? Boston Common is one of the best parks to visit during Winter.

Jamaica Pond’s “Sugarbowl” is a popular place for kids to go sledding during the winter season. It is also used as a place for snowshoeing and other activities.

Arnold Arboretum has beautiful scenery, many sledding hills, and wooded areas for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter hikes, and other activities.

Larz Anderson Park is best known for it’s large sledding hill, but it also has an ice skating ink and wooded areas for snowshoeing.

Find more city parks in the Greater Boston area that are great for outdoor winter activities like sledding, ice skating and more.