Find Wildlife Sanctuaries in Boston

It can be tough to see wildlife in the city, but there are parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Boston that are pretty easily accessible by public transit or car. Whether it’s bird watching, marine life, or other wildlife, you can find a wildlife sanctuary in the Boston area, including Cambridge or Brookline.

Best Parks for Wildlife in Boston

Here are our choices for the best wildlife reservations and sanctuaries in the Boston area (updated for 2022):

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Centrally-located wildlife sanctuary in Brookline with a natural pond and wetlands home to a wide variety of birds and animal life.

Alewife Brook Reservation

A wildlife reservation in North Cambridge that has many species of birds and ducks, and mammals like deer and beavers.

Mass Audubon Boston Nature Center

A nature preserve in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood, home to 150 species of birds, and 40 species of butterflies.

A Cambridge reservation that has bird species like Red Tailed Hawks, many species of Ducks, and other pond life.

Parks for Bird Watching & Wildlife

A 280-acre urban space that attracts 150+ species of birds and mammals, as well as pond life like fish, frogs, turtles, dragonflies.

A large park in Boston with several garden areas that attract a variety of bird species, and pond life.

A petite green space in Fenway, has greenery and a fountain that attract many bird species.

A large park with fresh water ponds and wood areas home to birds, fish, ducks and geese.

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