Find Dogs Parks in Boston

There are many great Boston dog parks to visit with your pup. To start your search for dog parks in Boston, pick a neighborhood you want to take your dog – you can choose from neighborhood in Boston, including Cambridge and Brookline. If you’re having trouble finding a Boston dog park, we have some suggestions on the best dog parks in the area.

Best Dog Parks in Boston

Looking for some recommendations on where to take your pup? Here are our choices for unleashed Boston dogs parks including, Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline:


New for 2021, Gerald Cunningham Memorial Dog Park at Garvey Playground has two separate fenced areas for dogs to roam. 

South End

Located under the I-93 overpass, Underground at Ink Block not only features art murals and installations, but also has a fenced area for dogs.


A Street Park is located in South Boston near Seaport and has a fenced-in dog park, and water fountain.


Located in the Cambridgeport nieghborhood in Cambridge, the Pacific Street Park has a gated dog run water play features for pets.


Bremen Street Dog Park is a large fenced-in dog park in East Boston, with 2 separate area, one for smaller dogs.

North End

The RUFF North End Dog Park located at DeFillipo Playground is a small fenced-in dog area with a turf surface, many obstacles, and running water.


Toomey Park is East Cambridge’s newest park, with a sizable dog run, with two separate entrances.


Located in North Cambridge, Danehy Dog Park has a gated dog run with lots of open space, gravel surfaces and a large parking lot nearby.


East 1st Dog Park (located at Medal of Honor Park), is a long dog run in South Boston, with a fountain included.


Boston Common has a dedicated area in the park for dog owners to let their pups off-leash.

South End

Conveniently located in the South End, Peters Park has a substantial-sized, fenced-in dog park with a fountain.


Ronan Park is located in Dorchester, and has a large fenced-in dog park, a fountain, and some benches.

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