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Find Climbing Structures in Boston

Looking for a playground with a climbing structure? We can help you find awesome climbing structures and rope webs for kids. We also have some recommendations for the best climbing structures in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge.

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Best Climbing Structure in Boston

Here are our choices for the best parks that have a variety of climbing structure in the Boston area (updated for 2021):

Located downtown on the Charles River, next to the Hatch Shell, The Esplanade Playground has large robe web with a slide at the top.

Located in Back Bay, Frieda Garcia Park has a small area with a few rope webs for kids to play on.

A recently renovated playground, Fallon field has climbing structure and an extra-long slide.

Sweeney Playground is a unique playground with rope and climbing structures that kids will enjoy.

Jackson Square Playground in Roxbury has an enormous and unique climbing structure.

Uncle Frank and Auntie Kay Chin Park is located downtown near Chinatown, and has climbing structures for younger kids.

Little Scobie Playground is a small park located in Roxbury and has a rope web among other play equipment.

Pierce School Playground has a large playground area with both a rope web, and a rock climbing structure.

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