There are so many parks in cities that people don’t know about – and that’s our number one goal – connecting people to places outdoors in the city – green spaces and city parks. We hope you find value in this website and find parks in your area that suit your interest.


Our Values

We believe in the following values:

Be Healthy

Whether you’re walking, running, playing a sport, or doing an activity, getting out to parks provides many health benefits.


Staying connected with friends, family and community is important. Spend some time in parks to stay connected and stay active.

Get Outdoors

Getting fresh air is good for you. In cities, it can be tough to get some outdoors time. Finding a local park allows you to spend time outdoors.


No matter what your age, doing activities and playing sports helps. Participate, compete, practice, play – and enjoy!

Our Causes

Here are our causes:

Keep Our Parks Clean

Keeping parks clean can help maintain beauty in city parks and green spaces.

Give Kids Something To Do

Parks provide kids of all ages something to do. This can help kids to stay off the streets.