Find Outdoor Batting Cages in Boston

Looking to practice hitting? Whether you are a baseball, softball or little league baseball player, there are a number of outdoor batting cages in Boston available for public use. These batting cages can be found at several local city parks. What better way to practice hitting or pitching, than with a batting cage. Here are the parks that have batting cages in Boston, including Brookline and Cambridge.

Best Batting Cages in Boston

Here are the best batting cages in Boston, including Brookline, Cambridge and beyond, updated for 2021 (note: some of these batting cages may be locked, due to COVID-19):

John A Doherty Playground

Find Fields Near You

In addition to batting cages, we can help you find fields to play on. In fact, many batting cages have either a baseball field, little league field, or softball field.