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We can help you find a new basketball court to play at! To start your search, find a park with basketball court by neighborhood in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline. If you’re having trouble finding one, we have some suggestions on the best parks with basketball courts to play at in the Boston area.

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Parks With the Best Outdoor Basketball Courts

Here are our choices for the best parks for basketball in the Boston area (updated for 2023):

Neighborhood court (1 full court) in the heart of the North End, with pick-up games.

Popular spot for basketball with 2 brand new full court hoops and near Harvard and Boston University.

4 Basketball Courts in Roxbury and always a pick-up game going on.

This neighborhood park in Fenway, has 2 basketball courts with competitive pick-up games.

A Park in Boston’s South End neighborhood with 2 Basketball Courts.

An Allston-Brighton park right off of the Green Line B Branch known for pick-up games.

3 full courts in Roxbury along the Southwest Corridor.

Another prime spot in Brighton for a pick-up basketball game, with 2 courts.

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