Cross-Country Skiing in Boston

Embrace the cold and city scenery with while getting some exercise! Boston has a number of parks that are great for cross-country skiing. To find cross-country skiing in Boston, use the map below, or keep scrolling for our favorite places.

Best Places for Cross-Country Skiing in Boston

Here are the best parks and green spaces to Snowshoeing in Boston, including Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville (updated for 2022):

Related Activities

Here are a few other winter activities related to cross-country skiing in Boston:

JP Cross Country Skiers Group

JP Cross Country Skiers is a Facebook group where people can discuss local cross country ski topics, find people to ski with, etc. While it is focused on JP, people from outside of JP are welcome to join as well.

Join the Group:

The group is open to the public. Join here:

Where the Group Goes to Cross Country Ski

Here are two parks that JP Cross Country Skiers Group frequently uses for cross country ski trips in the city.

Cross Country Skiing at Franklin Park

The golf course at Franklin Park is very popular among cross country skiers. It is mostly very open and has hills, though you can mostly (but not completely) avoid hills if you prefer. Parking is typically available near the golf clubhouse, Shattuck Hospital, and some parts of Circuit Drive, though availability may change during a snow emergency. There is also a flatter area near White Stadium.

Cross Country Skiing at Arnold Arboretum

The portion of land at the Arnold Arboretum near the Arborway is relatively flat. This includes an open area by the Bradley Rosaceous Collection as well as areas with trees. More experienced and adventurous skiers may enjoy other parts of the Arboretum, including Bussey Hill and the Conifer Path.