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6 Local Boston Artists & Painters to Support This Holiday Season

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If you’re looking for a nice holiday present for the park outdoor enthusiast in your life, there are plenty of local Boston artists that specialize in paintings and sketches of landscapes and cityscapes.

Here are a few local artists that are selling their work for the holiday season. Each of these artists feature a unique style in their work.

Eli Portman

Eli is a local Boston-based artist and illustrator, specializing in urban architecture and historic sites. He focuses on capturing the memories and perceptions of city scenes and natural landscapes in Boston, working primarily in watercolor with pen and ink.

Instagram: @eli.portman


Eve Chen

Eve draws inspiration from Boston’s everyday beauty. Using watercolor and digital media, she captures the city’s warmth in all seasons on postcards and in her sketchbook. On autumn weekends, find Eve in the Boston Public Garden where she turns sketches into postcards, spreading joy and the essence of Boston’s seasons.

Instagram: @citylife_drawing

Lloyd Williams

Lloyd is a graphic artist residing in Cambridge that creates colorful Afrocentric images and scenes of Boston, including The Hatch Shell at the Esplanade, Boston Public Garden, and Highland Park in Roxbury.

Instagram: @varsudan999

Stephanie Vecellio

Stephanie is an illustrator and graphic designer in the Boston area. Her artwork features colorfully-detailed artwork of parks in Somerville and beyond, including historical sites like Powerhouse Park and Prospect Hill Park.

Instagram: @stepinhoney


Betsy Silverman

Betsy is a local artist that creates wonderful and unique collages to recreate quintessential Boston scenery entirely from recycled magazine paper and adhesives.

Instagram: @betsysilvermancollage


Arnie Casavant

Arnie is a Boston-area fine art and landscape painter, specializing in representational paintings. He aims to capture Boston landmarks in a different light. In his work, he emphasizes the interplay of light, shape, and color as well as a devotion to impressionism.

Instagram: @arniecasavant