Outdoor Yoga in Boston

To start your search, pick an area you want to do yoga. You can either find outdoor classes led by professional yoga instructors in Boston, or find a park that is quiet and peaceful to do yoga by yourself or with a friend. If you’re having trouble finding a park or green space, we have some suggestions on parks with the best parks for yoga in the Boston area.

Best Parks for Yoga

Here are our choices for best outdoor yoga spots in Boston (updated for 2021):

Outdoor Yoga Classes

There are plenty of outdoor yoga classes led by local instructors – and many of them are free! Here are some areas in Boston to find outdoor yoga classes.

Parks for Yoga

Want to do some solo yoga in the park? Here are a few quiet parks in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline to bring your yoga mat, and do yoga.

View the entire list of parks that are best for yoga, including outdoor yoga classes.