Find Outdoor Art & Sculptures in Boston

If you’re looking for public art in Boston, Brookline or Cambridge, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re searching for outdoor murals or sculptures, there are plenty of green spaces and parks in the Boston area to find public art. Take a look at the parks and green spaces listed below to find murals, sculptures, and all forms of outdoor art and culture.

Best Outdoor Art in Boston

Here are the best green spaces and parks in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and beyond to view public art (updated for 2020):

Sculpture Gardens in Boston

Boston has a few sculpture gardens to see. At these parks, you can view a selection wonderful sculptures. 

Parks with Sculptures

In addition to sculpture gardens, here are some parks that have sculptures, including historical sculptures.

Murals & Public Art

Looking for Murals and other forms of art? We have a few parks for outdoor murals and other art installations.